For the first time, it is noticed that bitcoin crossed the line of $11,000 from the month of March back in the last year as reported by Coin360. One major interesting fact about the rise is that the cryptocurrency has succeeded from the past record of $10,000 just within a period of 24 hours.

When talking about the current status, it has been out that BTC (bitcoin) has approached a mark of $11,100 with an increment of 13% so speedily in just 24 hours. In the meantime, other alternatives have also experienced a surge, with a noticeable raise by Ethereum (ETH) over the mark of $300.

Peter Brandt (professional trader) also left a tweet mentioning that bitcoin is raising up its value with the present target at $100,000. Brandt gave a clear growth stage for bitcoin which is in “4th parabolic” stage. In the long run, it is only seen for the first time in Brandt’s 45 years of experience that such a parabolic stage has appeared for bitcoin.

In the tweet, Brandt attached a table with the figures regarding bitcoin price changes. In focus with the figures stated in the table, it is found that from a period of “October 2011 to December 2017,” there has been a sudden rise in the value of bitcoin with 9765 times fold.

Looking at the post responses, it is viewed that there exist a number of attempts without any authenticity showcasing Brandt’s scam ETH and BTC giveaways. From these attempts, one scam is heading into a promotion with a verified profile on Twitter.  

During the time of late May, a prediction came into emergence from Kenetic (co-founder of a block-chain investment firm) which stated that bitcoin price value will speed up its mark up to $30,000 by the year ending.   

In this month, CEO and founder of a Digital Currency Group said during an interview that feasibly, it seems that we are taking a step out from the time of “crypto winter” and heading into the time of “crypto spring.”

Though, in the same week, in another Cointelegraph interview, Tone Vays, an industry critic – a previous executive from Wall Street and present research of blockchain showed an expression of doubt regarding the time that “crypto winter” is heading towards an end.

Kaspersky Lab (a cybersecurity firm) showed up on with a survey resulting that 195 people are coming into the trade of cryptocurrency and purchasing it. Good news is coming for Bitcoin it seems.