Following on from the successful launch of Wirex, OK Jumpstart may add another project to the platform.

OK Jumpstart gives new projects a boost to get them recognized globally. It was developed by the world’s biggest exchange by volume, OKEx, as a way to help promising projects to launch.

Wirex, is a UK-based and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated company, which aims to combine the old-style world of banking, with the computer and smartphone banking systems which are today’s industry standard.

The company has led innovation in the space, developing a world-first crypto debit card plus the first bitcoin reward program; qualities that attracted OK Jumpstart to support the project.

IEO launch

OK Jumpstart helped the Wirex team launch an initial exchange offering (IEO) that made WXT tokens available to buy.

Now, following the success of Wirex’s launch, in part due to the strong community support that OK Jumpstart has provided, there’s a chance another project will soon be added.

An OK Jumpstart spokesperson said: “If you have an innovative and high-quality project and want to take it to the next level OK Jumpstart can help you start.

“Wirex has shown its quality from the start and has proven to be a perfect match for OK Jumpstart.

“We are always on the lookout for new and exciting projects to add to the platform and to support. Since Wirex launched, our team has been very active in helping them to take the next steps forward as a business.

 “In the weeks ahead we’re planning to reveal more details about OK Jumpstart’s next steps and the direction we will be taking.”

Buffett lunch

The news follows sharply on the back of rumors executives from OK Jumpstart’s parent company, OKEx, will be at the top table at billionaire investor Warren Buffett’s charity ‘power lunch’ this week (July 25).

Executives are expected to be invited by TRON CEO Justin Sun, who won a place on the charity fundraising lunch, after he placed a record-breaking $4.6 million bid.

Sun is hoping to sway famed crypto-sceptic Warren Buffett to support blockchain and crypto.

As the winner he is able to choose a selection of guests to accompany him to meet Buffett.

The expectation is that he asks representatives from the world’ biggest exchange to help him convince Buffett of the benefits of blockchain.