OK Jumpstart is a platform to give world-class blockchain projects the boost they need to send them to the moon.

Developed by the world’s second-biggest exchange – by volume – Malta-based OKEx, since OK Jumpstart launched it has helped four leading projects with initial exchange offerings (IEO).

Its latest project is UK-based Wirex, a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated project that is working to integrate the old-style world of bricks and mortar banking with the digitally-driven banking and finance systems that dominate the industry today.

The project has been seen as leading the way on innovations in the space, conceiving the world’s first crypto debit card and first bitcoin reward programme.

Plus, the team have secured a partnership with top 12 project Stellar. The partnership means Wirex users can spend and exchange Stellar’s native XLM token using Wirex, giving the popular currency instant real-world value.

Pre-sale IEO

Earlier this week, Wirex launched its IEO pre-sale, in which verified users of the Wirex platform could buy WXT tokens for the first time.

The WXT tokens will provide them with various benefits, including savings and discounts on fees for using the platform, access to a patented money back scheme offered by Wirex called Cryptoback, and later in 2019, full access to a range of premium services such as concierge service, access to airport lounges, offers and early access to the latest updates and developments Wirex makes to its platform.

Pavel Matveev, Wirex CEO, said the OK Jumpstart had helped his business to grow.

“We believe that the nascent token economy will eventually replace conventional fiat currency as the dominant form of payment,” he added:

“The Wirex Token helps us integrate with the payment environment of the future and offers users a convenient, fast and cost-efficient way to move digital money across borders.”

A spokesperson for OK Jumpstart said they were excited to work with Pavel and his team and to see how the business would develop moving forward.

“OK Jumpstart was set up to help really good quality blockchain projects take their efforts to the next step and to help propel them to global success. The projects we support through OK Jumpstart have to show great quality and promise, something that we believe Wirex has in abundance. What they are trying to do is revolutionize the way we do banking.”